Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Love We Had Flew Away

That day was a magical day, us under the cherry blossom trees wind softly breezing. The sound of laughers and cameras clicking. Pictures by pictures it moves to the future, to where you left me. I cry and cry thinking how could you leave me, the love we had and the future that was behind our palms. You said you’ll stay with me forever but that forever never came. Like how when I called you for help and there was no help but thorns cutting thru my veins. I softly spread my arms as if they were my wings. You was so far away from me that by the time you get there, I would already flew off. I only want to be comforted by you and only you. I plan to leave too but I just love you too much for me to let go of this cherishing bond that we had between our gripping hands.

For you to hurt me, I’ll forgive you. I want you to do what you think is good and for the best for you. Your smiles make me feel better every time I feel depressed and how you embrace me with hugs. The instant you step that line, I could see you leaving but my eyes are filling with tears, blurring everything to the point where I woke up in my hospital bed. Flying back, I could hear you voice calling my name, your tears dripping onto my pale skin, crying, begging for me to wake up. It all in the past now, when we use to loved each other deeply, Pacific Ocean deep. I'm certain that the love you gave me, it gave me warmth, strength to resist the pain, and protect me from harm. And it did and i'm thankful for the love you gave me. Your sweet long arms around me made me warm with comfort and safety. I still now remember your voice, scent and the wonderful time which pass away.

My heart beats to today. Your hands lowkey pushing me forth to move on. I still remember your face, i remember the familiar scent and touch, I remember your kiss upon my soft pink lips. That was our last kiss, a goodbye kiss. The moment I think of you, i'm yelling for you to come back to me and crying til my eyes would pop out like a jack in the box. My chest still hurts and my tears still overflowing like a waterfall. Every bit of my sadness, every bit of my happies, I hope that it still going to be you.  I go to places that we use to went and it takes me back to cherry blossom day, this it for you A. Can you smile now A? Come back

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