Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Black (Color Poem)

Black is like an expression
I look into the water to see my reflection but i don't see it
All i see is black
Black is what we wear to a funeral
Tears would drop, falling fast like a waterfall 
Nobody is talking because talking just turn into yelling
Blaming on each other like it their fault that all this happen
like as if we could had save them
The silence of the room feels so cold, so lonely
Black is like a black hole 
Once you in, you can't get out of it
Black is the thought and feelings we experience 

Black is a devil
They pull you into their hands
Controlling you
But they say that death can be cheated but they're wrong though
My heat is beating up and also heating up
The smell of a black rose, it scent weaken from day after day
It feels as if you was sleeping then all the sudden you feel as if you're falling from the sky, BAM!
Scared from a falling frizzy faded dream
Six month past, i don't know myself anymore
My heart use to be pure red but now it's pure black

But wait 
There a light shinning so little now
You can see it but you can't save it
It all too late because my shinning little light had been devoured by the evil black

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