Thursday, February 26, 2015

Im not perfect...

I had to went outside just for a little air
I feel like in inside in a box, trap
About to snap and would destroy everything that would get in my way
My parent can't help me so does my brothers
I keep on saying to myself "It all your fault!! It's all your fault!! Why did you do that"
Okay yes i did something that i regret but what you going to do about?
You can't go back in time and fix it
If i could i would changed everything

I'm not a Barbie who is pretty
Because being pretty sucks and it hurts
I'm not perfect 
I make mistake, yes a lot
I'm weak but I can be strong as a lion 
I would fall and
I would rise 
I would cry like a little baby and 
I would laugh when i don't want to
I would never tell anyone what wrong with me 
Because it not important
No one cares

I would push away the people i needed the most
I would decline hugs when i want them the most
I would say things i didn't mean and would say sorry afterward 
I'm not perfect
I'm not that girl you always wanted,
That girl who has the perfect body and that beauty face  
There's one thing they don't have, they don't have a big heart like me,
That would love you and hold you down in bad time and in good time no matter what
But I'm still not perfect?

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