Wednesday, February 25, 2015

life.....(Something I Wrote)

I first held my sister on May 25 
Her eye's was big as the moon
She was still crying at the moment 
I told to her that i was going to be the best bother you ever had,
Even though she got two older brother too, I'm still the best
It crazy because I came home just in time to see my little angle to be born
I call her my little angle because God gave my family something special from Heaven
My other brothers they couldn't make it because they was on duty 

Day by day, I could see her grow little by little
She started as a seed to a beautiful flower
I know that my mom  was tired after giving birth 
So I took care of my little angle
Look like I'm the parent, weird right?
Her first word was Mikey in a sweet voice
Sweeter then a Lipton Tea, 
Sweeter then a Chocolate Cake
"Mikey" with a smile and a little giggle

I wasn't going to let anyone hurt her or touch her
She so precious and delicate 
When i was about to leave for Afghanistan, she didn't want to let go of my leg
She was only two year old when i left her
They said mans never show their tears to no one
Well I did, I cry because I don't want to leave her
I was scared that I'm not going to be able to see her again
Cuz I don't know if I'm coming back home alive or not..........

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