Thursday, February 26, 2015

That Day (Persona Poem)

Shot fire, shot fire 
Repeat shot fire, man down man down
Traps are every where, one more step BOOM!!! 
This all reply back to Afghanistan..
The noise of the gun, car flaming like hell and prayers

I blink once then twice
Now I'm back home 
My head so badly, like a hippo had stomp on me
I look over my shoulders and i see my sister and brothers 
Car are flipping around like a pancake would
Rafael told my Little angle to come down
"Shush little angle. Don't be afraid. Everything is going to be okay"

I thought to myself, I don't want to die. 
Not yet, not now. 
I didn't know what to do but we have to get away from this disaster
I feel like I had failed my family.
I was too ashamed of myself
My sister didn't think so and so those my family
They told me it wasn't my fault that all this happened 
But it was still my fault though.....

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